Science Communication School

The Science Communication School is the result of a collaboration between researchers from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), and the Università degli Studi di Padova. The school 2022 has been funded by the Università degli Studi di Padova and co-funded by the Marie Curie Alumni Association Italy Chapter
Over the past decades communication and outreach has become a fundamental concern of state-of-the-art research communities. The relationship between science and society has begun to change radically and communication has become a necessity.
Important decisions involving scientists’ research are no longer made by the scientific community but by politicians, private companies and by the media.
Moreover the decisions often involve the general public whose opinion influences the politicians and the media behavior.
For these and other reasons it is important to improve the dissemination of research and to convey the value of a scientific way of thinking even to those who have nothing to do with science.
Furthermore it is important to improve how scientists share results with the scientific community, in order to enhance the quality of the research and to facilitate collaborations: it is necessary to learn how to make posters effective, how to communicate aims and methodologies in scientific papers and proposals, how to get projects funded.
Traditional scientific training, typically does not prepare scientists and engineers to be effective communicators outside of academia.
Attending the school students will learn how to effectively convey important research results to a public of both experts and laypeople.
Students will learn how to write an abstract, how to structure effectively a poster about their research, how to write a paper.
Also students will receive coaching from experienced researchers and Euraxess experts on proposal and report drafting, and on how to improve communication to policymakers.
Being involved in science communication activities will allow the students to gain communication technical skills that will be useful in their wider lives and will remind the students that science is a heritage that needs to be shared as a part of our culture.

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The draft program of the 2022 school is available here 

The school is organized in two blocks:
Science Communication School:
10-13 October 2022, Montagnana (PD), Italy.
GeoScience Communication School:
10-15 October 2022, Montagnana (PD), Italy.


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